Corporate Account corporate accounts offer financial institutions, online brokers, money managers and hedge funds top-tier technology, exceptional service and attractive, flexible trading terms. Corporate account holders also benefit from multiple payment service options, guaranteeing the security of yout financial transactions and ensuring smooth, rapid deposits and withdrawals.


Our expert team of dedicated corporate account managers is available at all times, to offer professional guidance in your language, helping you deliver real results for your business, grow a diverse, robust corporate portfolio, and optimize company’s performance in the global marketplace.


Our end-to-end corporate investment package includes sophisticated tools that offer advanced trading capabilities, optimum pricing, instant execution for bulk trading volumes, end-to-end hedging solutions for mitigating risk, state-of-the-art Expert Advisors, automated algorithmic trading software and more. CORPORATE ACCOUNT BENEFITS

  • Competitive trading terms
    tight spreads, versatile leverage, low margins
  • Top notch security
    a  powerful, reliable platform, accessible via any device
  • Broad functionality
    professional charts, technical indicators and risk management tools
  • Rapid responses
    instant execution of large trading volumes on hundreds of instruments
  • Algorythmic trading software
    a next-generation, proprietary automated trading system
  • Expert service
    multi-language  support from dedicated account managers


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