Management Accounts

The  Management Accounts team is made up of highly qualified professionals, all graduates in economics and commerce with a broker license, qualified to operate in all financial markets. They work diligently to identify and exploit every opportunity for potentially profitable investments by exploiting new systems and new generation algorithms, capitalizing on medium and long term price changes to increase different and healthy portfolios for our customers. Open an  Management Accounts in Copytrading with guaranteed capital starting from 3.75% per month, explore their wealth of knowledge and experience in the use of both fundamental and technical analysis, and of the global macro-investment strategy.

CopyTrader allows traders to automate their trading by having part of their funds replicate another investor’s activity, copying every move in real time. This development was achieved after we realized that some traders do not have the time or the experience to use traditional online trading methods. Since we believe in full transparency, everyone can view the portfolio, the transaction history, the risk score and the success rate of each user. Therefore, our customers have all the information they need to choose the right trader to copy.

The advantage of working with the CopyTrader, allows the professional to have in a single account among the 100/200 people with the same amount and therefore have a very high margin that allows him to operate on all the markets, and if any were needed , you have the chance even to mediate it 10 times, and almost always you can bring excellent profits.